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Galaxies and Empires, originally known as the empire game is a game created officially in the 8th grade, but records show that the origins of the game date all the way back to 5th grade (2018-2019 school year 9th grade for reference). The game takes place in an imaginary location known as "The Verse", and it revolves around the current actions, past histories, and community interactions of fantasy Empires, which are controlled by real people. These Empires vary in size and strength, but they are all extremely creative in their own right. To see how the game is set up and what to do once you have joined click the following links

The Treaty of Galaxies

Birth of a New Empire

This Wiki is mainly going to be used as a way to easily store information about the Verse and the Lore that goes along with it as well as the Storyline and Mythology portions of the Lore.

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